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    Exclamation WaW Community Map Pack Event This Thursday

    This event is being held during the normal Pubbie Thursday, (formerly known at Wolf Pubbie Night).

    The Community Map Pack is a joint project by World at War, Forgotten Honor, and 762 Ranking. It has undergone months of testing. Many have probably seen it on the 762 server and our WaW #3 server.

    The custom maps have been contributed by members of the world-wide FH2 community. Although, several are remakes of classic Forgotten Hope 1 maps; particularly, the Pacific theater. The CMP includes the full Japanese side, not available in FH2.

    Here are most of the details, but you should check back here for any updates. It will be noted and the thread will be bumped if this post changes.

    When: Thursday 16 February 2017, starting at 9PM EST / 6PM PST / (2AM GMT Fri 17 Feb)
    Where: World At War's WaW #1 Server at IP
    Game: Forgotten Hope 2, a mod for Battlefield 2
    Map Pack: CMP V2
    VOIP: Use in-game or WaW's Teamspeak 3 server at, (no password)
    Management: Will be staffed with admin for changing maps and for helping players.

    Download Information -- It is highly recommended you get this done long before game time.
    Battlefield 2 and Forgotten Hope 2: the Forgotten Hope team has a page to help download and install these games. FH2 is free and they have a link to a free copy of BF2, as well. The link to their download page is:

    The CMP is typically downloaded with an updater, but it has been known to be slow or a problem to use for some people. WaW provides a full download; it is fast. It needs to be since it is about 2.5GB. The direct link is here:

    More information on getting the CMP and playing on our servers is here:

    Better Information --

    Here are the maps in the CMP. There are 37. Also, there are 3 size variants for each, so with low or high numbers of players, there is a map to play. Land, ocean (surface and sub-surface), and air maps are all in this.

    European Maps

    Pacific Maps

    North African and Indochina Maps
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