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    WaW Auto Updater

    What this does is install the WaW maps for you so you don't have to download and extract them yourself each time.

    You must run it with admin rights!

    Download Link


    1. Download from the link above.
    2. Extract the WawUpdater folder from the zip to somewhere on your hard drive.
    3. Double click WawUpdater.exe.
    4. Login with username "public"
    5. It will ask for a second login if this was the first time you used it.
    6. Wait while it downloads the files.
    7. Click Start FH2 to start the game, or use your normal shortcut.

    If you have Vista or Windows 7, you may need to run it as administrator.

    If you used the allied updater last campaign, this is a new version and you must download it again, you can delete the old one. This time it has logins for both sides, and if the divstaff decide to use the updater they'll give you login info for your side when the campaign starts. The "public" login is for things between campaigns like the map test today.

    Pictures for those who can't read:

    1. Install

    2. Login

    3. Wait

    4. Play
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